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  • Mood: Anger
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Ok, you know I haven't been around lately, BUT.. I've found something that really pisses me off, and I NEED to get it off my chest and post it all around the internet so people can see it.

Warner Brothers has RIPPED OFF the work of my good friend T.J. Owens Ferreus Veritas (formerly known as Darkalloy). Namely, a wallpaper that some top-shot-making-lots-of-money web designer used for the site of Supernatural.
(skip movie, click on the car, then on the passenger's door and finally click on the laptop in the trunk)

It's been out there for god knows how long (2005 maybe?), I just found about it today (a few minutes ago actually) because I recently took a liking to the show and surfed the internet looking for interesting stuff about the Winchester brothers.

So I got to this site and oh my freaking god, there it was: my friend's symbol!! I took a closer look and the background seemed too familiar, because of course I had seen it before, so I got into my friend's site and voila!

I have to say this is all original work, he's got the doll, the symbol is his and every other resource on that particular work is his. Everything except for the lyrics, that's a song by Skinny Puppy.

So yeah, as a designer myself this pisses my off. This is Warner Brothers we are talking about, not some kid's blog. This is not a "oh I didn't know I couldn't use stuff I find on the internet on my site" situation, they should know better because they are supposed to be professionals.

Couldn't they just get their designer to create a "dark" wallpaper for Sam's laptop? apparently not. Oh wait.. but they did! they took this totally original image, cut out some stuff, put some other stuff in there and yeah! that's a whole new design!

And the funny thing is... I'm pretty sure T.J. would have granted them permission to use his work had they ASKED him. I know I would, and probably the only thing I would have asked in the return would be to get some credit.
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Aegis-Illustration Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
No me lo puedo creer! o_O

Y qué va a hacer tu amiga entonces? :S
morfea Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2007
amigo jejeje

hmm pues creo que no hay mucho que pueda hacer a menos que contrate un abogado y gaste bastante pasta y pus está cañón :/
Aegis-Illustration Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
Vaya mierda... contra compañías tan grandes hay poco que hacer cuando tienen dinero para pagar a unos abogados equivalente al sueldo de toda tu vida :(
morfea Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2007
Sip :/ pero al menos quise hacerlo público y que el mundo se entere!
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Submitted on
June 5, 2007